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Toolsource Exclusive: Meritool 5024b Hose Clamp Pliers

by Toolsource on April 27th, 2010

“These Hose clamp pliers are the best I have ever seen”
– said Subaru enthusiast Brent Findlay from Springville, NY

5024b Snap Ring Pliers 



For both flat and round wire type clamps.

Flat Wire Hose Clamps are applied by hand in sizes ranging from 5.33 mm to 52mm. Until the introduction of the 5024B Patented, Autoadjust Hose Clamp Plier, several tools were required to handle the common sizes in use in the market. Standard hose clamp pliers would not accommodate the range of clamps available making several tools a necessity. Even then the opening position required to accommodate the larger clamps was uncomfortable at best. Slip joint style pliers were less than ideal because they had to be adjusted from one size to the next and the small opening would not accommodate the large clamps and the large opening would not close enough to achieve the maximum opening permissible by the clamp.

MERITOOL invented, patented and manufactures a whole new approach to Hose Clamps Tools. Our new design provides an automatically adjustable opening range while maintaining a user friendly handle width. Now you can have the Patented 5024B Autoadjust Hose Clamp Plier that will do the work of two tools for very little more than you would pay for a single range tool.

Our 5024B will also handle round wire clamps with an ear span of up to 1.31 inches. This single tool will handle the entire range of hand applied flat wire clamps and also handle round wire clamps.


  • Patented automatic adjustment to handle a broad range of hose clamp sizes with user friendly handle widths.
  • Specially machined gripping notches for secure grip on both round and flat hose clamps
  • Heat Treated steel construction. Non glare black finish.
  • Cushioned Comfort grips.
  • Length: 8 ½” – Weight: 8.5 oz.

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