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ArcticPRO RHS980c Digital R134a Refrigerant Handling System

by Toolsource on May 4th, 2010


As seen in Professional Tool and Equipment News April 2010
RTI Technologies, Inc
Product: ArticPri RHS980C
RTI Technolgies’ ArcticPro RHS980C is the OEM version of the veneratble and already legendary ArcticPRO RHS980 R134a J2788 Certified refrigerant handling system. While using the same rugged platform as the RHS980, the “C” version incorporates all of the features required for OEM style A/C servicing such as standard integral printer that provides a hard copy of before and after system parameters, standard (3) temperature probes that measure both ambient and A/C duct temperatures, Hi-Pressure leak detection function, password use protection, Micron level measurement during the evacuation process (vacuum level measurement is more precise and OEM recognized),  ambient temperature and humidity capture and display, self check / diagnostic function, warranty and non-warranty service modes, manual oil / due injection procedure, refrigerant back  – flush function, and optional integral refrigerant identifier to protect your A/C equipment investment.
ArcticPRO® RHS®980 Digital R134a Refrigerant Handling System
Establishes a new productivity benchmark for A/C refrigerant handling machines!
Superior Productivity
The ArcticPRO® RHS®980 recovers 95% of automobile refrigerant systems and has a refrigerant recharge accuracy of +/– 1/2 ounce to save money and eliminate callbacks.  It features fully automatic operation and when utilized with
TechALERT®, the RHS®980 dramatically boosts workshop productivity.
Ease-of-Use = Improved Efficiency!
All control functions of the RHS®980 are designed to provide intuitive and rapid interaction with the service technician.
The ArcticPRO®980 makes A/C servicing a breeze!
Advanced Serviceability
Simply remove the one-piece composite cover to gain unobstructed service access to all interior components and the RHS®980’s unique two-piece KWIK-CHANGE “block” manifold assembly provides quick remedy to most fluid path service issues.
Proven Reliability
For the best out-of-box reliability, the RHS®980 unit specifies the highest quality components and every machine is functionally tested before shipment from the RTI factory.
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Below from the Manufacturer:

ArcticPRO® RHS®980C R134a Refrigerant Handling System

The OEM version of the RHS®980 is here…same rugged platform as the RHS®980 while incorporating all of the features required for OEM style A/C services.

OEM Style Feature and Function Upgrades
• Standard integral printer
• Standard temperature probes
• High pressure leak detect function
• Password use protection
• Micron level measurement during evacuation process
• Ambient temperature & humidity
• Self check/diagnostic function
• Dual vacuum process service modes
• Manual or automatic oil/dye injection
• Liquid refrigerant flush function
• Optional integral refrigerant identifier
• High voltage compatibility option
48-Hour Service Turnaround
• Average service turnaround is 48 hours when end-user assists in diagnostic/repair process.
• 95% success average in machine resuming operation after first call to RTI tech support.
Best Performance
• Best real-world refrigerant recovery & charge time average.
• Best real-world refrigerant charge accuracy.
• Best real-world vehicle A/C system recovery percentage.
Future Function Upgradability
• Designed for future function upgradability.
• Ensures up-to-date machine functionality even with mature equipment.
TechALERT® – Remote Process Monitoring
• Optional TechALERT® sends wireless signal to remote pager carried by service technician.
• Remote provides technician with periodic process status for RHS980C.
• Technician is no longer required to physically attend the machine.



RHS980C OEM Grade A/C
Refrigerant Handling SystemIncludes RTI Rep Set-Up & Training
Optional Equipment:  
Integrated Refrigerant
Identifier – Factory Installed
A/C Database – Med
& HD Trucks, MY2008 & Earlier
Productivity Package, includes:
TechALERT® w/
Base & Universal Remote
Refrigerant Database,
Pass Car & Lt
Truck, 2008 MY & Earlier
3 Years Warranty
Extension –
5 Yrs Parts/2 Yrs Labor,
Service Shop Display Banner

RTI TECHNOLOGIES RHS980CRHS980C – Set Up for OEM Operation

See RHS®980 for additional details/images

OEM Style Features

• Standard integral mounted printer

• Function upgrade port

• (3) temperature sensors

• Steel maneuverability handle

• Optional refrigerant identifier

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