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by Toolsource on May 19th, 2010

We will be honest with you here at Toolsource, we know that we don’t always have the best “deals” when it comes to comparing online retailers, I just wanted to write this quick note as a warning for you as our customer. You should be very careful when you purchase based on price alone, you might be surprised when it comes to getting support for that product after the sale. Some of these bottom dollar discount tool websites are really irritating the tool manufacturers out there because they are diluting the value of their products, and as unfortunate as it is you the end users are taking the hit, when it comes around to warranty service and repair. It does not matter if the tool is new sealed in the box, if you can’t provide a receipt from an approved reseller you might be out of luck, sometimes making the warranty for your product useless. ToolSource works with the manufacturers to ensure we can support you before and after the sale. Another benefit we can provide which others can’t is with special orders and drop ship products direct from the factory. We can do this with almost any manufacturer we sell, (some are not set up to deliver to end users so we can’t say all) unlike other websites out there we ARE NOT limited to only what is “IN STOCK”, we are happy to manage backorders for the hard to find items. If you can’t find a product on our site from a brand that we carry give us a call, odds are we can get it for you, if the manufacturer has the product in stock most of the time there is little more delay on these then other products waiting for you on our warehouse shelves.

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