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INGERSOLL-RAND IR HAMMERHEAD Impactool(TM) coming summer 2010

by Toolsource on May 19th, 2010

ingersoll-rand hammerhead coming summer 2010

I just saw an ad in PTEN May2010 edition. This add is by ingersoll-rand for a new product that looks like it will be a cross between and air ratchet and an impact driver. I am not aware of any other impacting ratchets in the market so this could be an exciting tool when the give birth on a little more detail. The Ad in PTEN is sparse it reads: ( “A whole new angle on impacts” Ingersoll Rand, the industry leader in Impactool products, has developed a revolutionary tool that’s going to change the way you work. The perfect combination of power and reach makes oru new product unlike any other on the market. Let’s just say. it’ll make an impact. “MAX POWER MAX CONTROL. MAX ACCESS.) Well the ad made an impact on me at least I went to the link on the ad for I found the following video from youtube, and not much more information about the product, but as soon as we know more, we will let you know. Check it out!

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  1. I have been in the automotive repair industry for over 20 years, I just finished a cluth R&R on an 92 Subaru and a head gasket on a 97 Saturn using my Ingersoll Rand 2025 hybrid 1/2″ impact ratchet that I purchased back in Nov. 2010 and have to say that I absolutely love this tool it has already paid for itself in time saved.The tool is a well designed precision crafted tool box essential that every tech needs and was worth every cent.

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