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Associated Equipment 9425 20-amp Charger/Analyzer/Power Supply

by Toolsource on June 23rd, 2010

Associated Equipment’s model 9425 sets the standard for 12 volt battery charging and electrical system support for today’s technician. New battery technologies along with the dramatic rise in vehicle electronics on today’s cars has created the need for a tool that will safely charge recent technology AGM batteries while providing a power supply mode for extended service procedures or onboard reprogramming. This unit is packed with features including ESS™ (Electrical Stability System) for safe clean power supply operation and the ability to select the proper output voltage for AGM and GEL type batteries. Save time and money diagnosing and recovering deeply discharged batteries with our patented “Deep Discharge Recovery” software. Unit is packaged in a rugged portable bench top housing for continuous operation.
2010 PTEN Innovation Awards Nominee
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