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BMW T60 Torx Serpentine Belt Tensioner Tool

by Toolsource on June 29th, 2010

The BMW T60 Torx Serpentine Belt Tensioner Tool, SP Tools-Schley Products No. 68200, allows the technician to access the T60 belt tensioner found on BMW 135, 335, 535 and all other models using the N54 twin turbo straight-6 engine. The tensioner is in a confined area that a standard T60 socket has a hard time accessing. This unique wrench design allows the technician to loosen the spring pressure with minimal force. The 68200 wrench is designed to cut labor time by reducing the number of parts needed to be removed in order to gain clearance for the tensioner.┬áThe tip design fits snugly in the tensioner so the wrench won’t slip. Improved access, more leverage, snug fit and a way to save time make this tool a must for all BMW technicians.
2010 PTEN Innovation Awards Nominee
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