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Chicago Pneumatic Cranked up conversation newsletter

by Toolsource on June 2nd, 2010



 Late last year when we merged the Vehicle Service and Industrial groups within Chicago Pneumatic, we created a video called, “Building Your World.” The video’s sole purpose was to show the depths at which Chicago Pneumatic tools touch the things we use every day and that if you saw red in everything a CP tool had built, then you would literally see red in almost everything.

The key reason for the merging of these two groups is to bring you, our valued customers, a more solidified, complete product offering. We have gathered the best technology from both sides of the business and put it together in one place. Check out our new combined catalog that features, for the first time, both vehicle service and industrial tools at

While merging these two groups, there was an extraordinary amount of thought that went into how our tools differentiate themselves in the market, both in performance and in design/look. We studied the marketplace, competitors and ourselves and determined the best course of action was maintaining the performance of our products, while unifying their look with an emphasis on the red and black colors that define our brand. During this process there was a great deal of discussion and planning centered on how best to serve our loyal customers. In the end, while we agreed on the unifying new look, we also decided there were some tools too perfect to change – we’re now calling these tools The CP Classic Range.

The CP Classics will remain available in their traditional look and configurations – look for information about these tools in the new catalog and in a special edition of Cranked Up next month.

In this issue of Cranked Up Conversation and in the new catalog, you can see a sneak peek of where Chicago Pneumatic tools are heading. It will take some time to implement, but regardless of the aesthetics, the quality and performance of the tools will remain constant.

 If you know someone who would enjoy Cranked Up Conversation, please pass it along and tell them to e-mail to sign up or to use the subscription formNew subscribers this month have a chance to win the industry’s hottest ½ inch impact wrench—the CP7749

Thanks for reading!

Danielle Stevens
Marketing Communication Manager
Chicago Pneumatic


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