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Dent Fix The Extender

by Toolsource on June 11th, 2010

When access is limited or obstructed either by a structural member or other component, Dent Fix has a solution: The Extender, a spot weld drill bit extension that adds 6.5″ of length, letting you get to those deep and hard-to-reach spot welds. The plastic sleeve protects any nearby structures from damage and cables from getting tangled. You can stabilize the drill point by holding here. Works with any 3/8″ drill. Recommended not to exceed 1,800 rpm. Includes DF-1480 8mm HSCo drill bit. The Extender accepts any of our spot weld drill bits: DF-1480 8mm HSCo Spot Weld Drill Bit, DF-1680T 8mm Titanium Coated Spot Weld Drill Bit, DF-1610 10mm HSCo Spot Weld Drill Bit and DF-1610T 10mm Titanium Coated Spot Weld Drill Bit.
2010 PTEN Innovation Award Nominee
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