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Equus-Innova 3160 ABS + CanOBD2 ScanTool

by Toolsource on June 8th, 2010

2010 PTEN Innovation Awards Winner – When a car comes into the shop with a Check Engine or Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) light on, technicians don’t want to slow down the repair process searching for the right diagnostic tool. Now, there’s one tool for both – the INNOVA 3160. Techs say this dual-use scan tool helps them repair at least one more vehicle each day. The 3160 includes Innova’s plug-and-play technology and patented single-screen display, plus the ability to diagnose ABS problems on most 1996 and newer GMs, Fords and Chryslers. It comes with backlit blue screen and provides S.A.E. Enhanced Live Data, including views, graphs and playback of live PCM data streams. Users can prioritize live data values (P.I.D.s) for quick analysis. Other functions include bi-directional testing, VIN capture and oxygen sensor results. This tool features free Internet updates and access to RepairSolutions powered by PTEN Innovation Award-winning
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