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by Toolsource on June 4th, 2010

I dont know about you but I know that I could definately use one of these im my toolbox,  I can’t think of an old car that doesn’t  have some worn out old beat up lug nuts,  this flip socket solves the old issue of getting that darn lug nut out of that impact socket, not to mention that this will fit some of the most mangled lugnuts going.  Check out this socket from Grey Pneumatic!

This ”flip” style socket features 18.5mm hex on one end and 19.5mm hex on the other.  It is designed to remove 19mm lug nuts with missing or distorted caps found on GM or Chrysler vehicles.             

                                                         Features include:

         • 18.5mm side fits 19mm lug nuts with missing chrome covers.

         • 19.5mm side fits 19mm lug nuts with damaged or distorted caps.

         • ”Flip” design is for use with extended anvil impact wrenches or�
            with an extension.

         • Lifetime Warranty

                      No. 2189D              • Packaged individually

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