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Precision Instruments Micrometer Click Wrenches

by Toolsource on July 15th, 2010

I came across this article on it tells a little about Precision Torque Wrenches. Toolsource carries the full line of Precision Instruments Torque products, unforturnately not all products are in stock, but honestly nobody stocks everything precision has, there are so many different Torque products available from Precision that are specific to many applications. Few companies and I know of NO OTHER WEBSITE that has access to the full line of Precision torque wrenches, if you are looking for a Precision Torque product Toolsource is your destination.

The following was found at, and duplicated here for your reading pleasure.
Precision Micrometer Torque WrenchMicrometer Click Wrenches

Micrometer Click Wrenches from Precision Instruments bring reliability, accuracy and unparalleled life to applications where a click wrench is most convenient.

Extremely accurate — within 3% of reading from 20% of full scale to full scale clockwise and counterclockwise — these wrenches are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for one year.

The exclusive patented Calibration Mechanism allows for calibration in both the clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, without the disassembly of the wrench. This makes calibration quick and easy.

The exclusive patented Roller-Release removes more than 95% of the friction inherent in other click wrenches, thereby extending life and providing for more reliable operation.

For additional information, visit Precision Instruments.

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