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SP Tools Schley Honda/Acura Front Compliance Bushing R&R Tool

by Toolsource on July 27th, 2010

Save time! SP Tools / Schley Products Honda/Acura Front Lower Compliance Bushing R&R Tool, No. 68100, was designed to aid in the removal of the 65mm and 74mm front lower control arm compliance bushings found on many Honda and Acura vehicles. The tool takes an hour off the job; no press required. This tool works on more than 7 million vehicles since 2000, including:

65mm bushings:

  • Honda Civic 2001-’05
  • Honda CRV 2002-’06
  • Honda Element 2003-’06
  • Honda Pilot 2003 and later
  • Honda Odyssey 2005 and later
  • Honda Ridgeline 2006 and later
  • Acura MDX 2000-’06

74mm bushings:

  • Honda Accord 2003-’07
  • Acura TL 2000-’07

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