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by Toolsource on July 1st, 2010

Tool includes patented jaw stabilization technology and other useful features.

Stanley Virax®Conyers, GA, September 23, 2009 – Stanley® VIRAX® is improving productivity and saving time for skilled plumbers and pipe tradesmen with its professional-grade pressing tool, the P20+. The P20+ is a pistol grip pressing tool aimed squarely at the heavy commercial and industrial market. It features a patented a jaw stabilization technology, a battery operated electro-hydraulic drive, and a variable speed advance trigger. It will earn its keep among trades that work in schools, hospitals, industrial plants, military installations, oil rigs, and on ships, to name just a few.

The P20+ uses industry standard press fittings to make solder-less joints in copper, stainless steel, and PEX tubing. Its jaws are sized to join tubing diameters from ½ in. to 2 in., but can handle tubing diameters up to 4 in. when fitted with an XL or XL-C adapter.

Jaws are made from galvanized steel, which resists rust and corrosion, and prevents copper buildup. The jaws are connected to a 360-degree rotating head for optimal reach and efficiency, and a narrow body that gives users more maneuvering room in cramped spaces. The tool’s universal jaw mount makes the jaws interchangeable with other industry standard jaws.

The tool’s most unique feature is a patented jaw stabilization technology, which uses two pivot pins in the jaws to ensure accurate motion so the jaws will come together straight and true without mis-aligning.

The P20+ can be used with copper and bronze press fittings from all three major fitting systems: the Viega ProPress System® the NIBCO®Press System™ and Elkhart Products Corporation’s XPress®. These fittings offer a long list of benefits that has made them the preferred joining method among a growing number of professionals.

Press fittings are faster than soldering, taking as little as 4 seconds to join two pieces of tubing, regardless of size. With no solder involved, there is no need for time-consuming preparations and clean-up. Users don’t have to carry solder, flux, pastes and other items to the jobsite; they simply need the pressing tool and the fittings.

Another benefit is that joints can be made with residual fluid still in the pipe – something the user will appreciate when called in to make emergency plumbing repairs. And because there’s no flame involved, there’s no need to secure a burn permit, and less chance of injury and property damage. And the final result looks professional and clean.

The P20+ doesn’t require skilled labor to operate, or to make professional, clean-looking joints. It’s a reasonably priced, high-performance alternative to conventional soldering and brazing methods.

The P20+ comes with six jaws, two 14.4v NiMH batteries, and a charger.

ProPress System® is a trademark of Viega GmbH & Co. KG. Nibco® and Press System™ are trademarks of Nibco Inc. XPress® is a trademark of Elkhart Products Corporation.

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