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Transmission Fluid Exchange

by Toolsource on January 28th, 2011

January 24, 2011 by Clore Automotive
Your Transmission Would Like a Word with You™
As a vehicle owner, there are few things you can do for the long term health of your vehicle that are as beneficial as a transmission fluid exchange. Check your owner’s manual – it probably calls for a transmission fluid exchange every 30,000 or 40,000 miles. Yet many vehicle owners, either through a lack of awareness or due to a belief that this service isn’t really critical, defer or completely neglect this vital service.
Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) breaks down from heat and wear and loses its ability to properly lubricate and dissipate heat from the inside of the transmission. ATF, when broken down, can leave deposits (sludge and varnish) inside the transmission, potentially causing poor shifting and erratic transmission behavior. When left untreated, permanent damage can occur, costing thousands of dollars in needless repairs.

An ATF Exchange is a process by which used, dirty automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is replaced with fresh, new fluid. ATF exchange is not the same as a flush. ATF exchange is a simple fluid replacement, while flushing generally involves forcing pressure or chemicals through a system to rid it of contaminants. ATF exchange is not a repair procedure, but rather a preventative maintenance. After an ATF exchange, a vehicle will often perform better. ATF exchange is meant to support OEM service requirements to maximize the life expectancy of the vehicle and its components.

For a relatively small investment in time and money (less than an hour and typically under $150), you can have your transmission serviced using equipment designed specifically for this purpose. The service is available at thousands of locations in North America, from operations such as car dealerships, service garages and quick lubes.
T-TECH® Makes Sense for Vehicle Owners . . .
For vehicle owners, asking for a T-TECH service by name just makes sense. T-TECH is the brand that launched the mechanical ATF Exchange market and still incorporates industry-leading technology. Patented T-TECH technology delivers an easier, safer and more effective transmission exchange than other options. Plus, a T-TECH service is powered solely by the vehicle’s transmission pump, ensuring a proportional exchange every time and avoiding the dangers of over-pressuring the vehicle’s system.

And Service Providers
For service providers, T-TECH makes transmission fluid exchange safer for your customer’s vehicle. T-TECH uses the vehicle’s own transmission pump to regulate the service — there’s no external pump that could damage gaskets or seals within the transmission system. Because of this, there are no meters to monitor or scales to equalize. Just start the vehicle and let T-TECH do the work, providing a beneficial ATF exchange every time.

Plus, T-TECH delivers features that make ATF Exchange easier and more efficient. Its Auto-Alignment feature means you don’t have to confirm fluid flow at the start of service – you can’t hook it up backwards. Its Auto-Bypass feature sends the unit into a bypass mode upon completion of the service – the technician doesn’t have to constantly monitor the service, freeing them up to accomplish other tasks. Its Pan Drain feature makes changing filters or cleaning screens clean and easy. Finally, it is the easiest ATF Exchange equipment to operate, ensuring that everyone in your operation can deliver the same beneficial service each time it is used.

T-TECH® – ATF Exchange Made Easy
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