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Marksman II Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool Provides Quick Diagnosis of Automotive Leaks and Defects

by Toolsource on November 30th, 2012

The Tracerline Spectronics TP-9367 Marksman™ II is ideal for detecting air brake leaks, compressed air leaks, vacuum leaks, tire leaks, EVAP system leaks, gear and bearing wear, electrical discharge, exhaust leaks, refrigerant leaks, cabin seal and gasket integrity…and more!
Detects leaks from orifices as small as 0.004″ (0.1 mm) at 5.0 psi (34 kPa), from distance of 12″ (30 cm)

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The TP-9367 Marksman™ II comes complete with ultrasonic receiver, ultrasonic emitter, hollow air probe, contact probe, headphones and rugged carrying case.

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