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3M™ 05846 Professional Pneumatic Dynamic Mixing Applicator for Auto Body Repair Only $529.95

by Toolsource on March 8th, 2013

Built to last and powered by your shop’s pneumatic air system, this easy-to-use device comfortably fits any grip and is always ready to dispense fillers, glazes, adhesives, sealers and plastic repair products.

ToolSource also carries DMS Dynamic Mixing Nozzles and Extensions, Dent Finishing Glaze, Panel Bonding Adhesive, Dent Filling Compound Body Filler, Platinum Plus Body Filler, Platinum Glaze, Repair Adhesive, Reinforced Body Filler and Heavy-Bodied Seam Sealer, all from 3M™ for DMS Dynamic Mixing System.

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